Saturday, 26 June 2010

Let me live

She is only a person who is disappearing as I am doing. Tomorrow she will not be who she is today. She will be a bit older. In a year she will be one year older. Every day new wrinkles appears on her skin. She lies dying either do I. If we split up, what will the difference be with regard to live together for years?

Friday, 18 June 2010

From Brussels

I am sat in the ROI DES BELGES pub or café or something. I am listing to jazz music. I have to say that it is not a bad town. Maybe I will live here some day but I cannot live here yet. For me it’s the same being here or there, I just watch people living around me. I just wait for my time. It’s 2010. I am 37. This is a good year for dying. From 73 to 37, pretty numbers.

Drinking at morning is good for somebody who pretends to be a writer. Another beer, please. I am waiting for the time to go by. It’s crazy. Who was I before writing this blog? Maybe I have always written this blog.

Sometimes I think that nobody read it. But it isn’t true because tomorrow the person who says to be me read this blog and that person isn’t me so... If you do not understand me, I strongly recommend you to read the short story “The other” written by Jorge Luis Borges (a really good Argentinean writer).

In the opposite table there is a couple. At the beginning she was happy and her face was a big smile. He is much younger than her. The woman’s face is now serious. He only listens to her. I guess I am seeing their splitting up. They enter this local together but they are now two people.

There is more sun here than in my town,… in June 17…


Saturday, 12 June 2010

who is it me?

This happened in a pub. We were surrounded by shadows. I could not see her face and she could not see mine. At those late hours, I am really an interesting person (thanks to alcoholic drinks). Soft music as a background. We were again a couple of teenagers. She asked me what my job was. And I replied her something that I had listened to in a film: In the past I was justice of the peace. Nowadays I am an astronaut.

The Little People

Can you say that you have paved the way for the next generation?

What do you think when you look at those little people?

Too much hate, too much pain… too much wars (just one is too much)

However the World is full of smiling people who only want to be happy.

Stop and look at those little people because they have to be able to solve all.

Our chance is over, we slowly walk to our darkness. Then nothing.

Can you say that you have paved the way for the next generation?

Waiting for the SUN

In a few hours I am going to drink again. It is raining since a week ago though it is June. Where is the sun? How long will we able to wait for the sun? We live under a lay of clouds. It is hard to have to see the sun on television. Do you remember the sun?

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Just a writer

I am a writer, yet one who does not write. In fact I think that when a writer starts to write he lets to be a writer. I am a writer because I watch and listen,