Sunday, 24 July 2011

Film on The Doors (Jim Morrison)

A shy boy writes thoughts and feelings in worn notebooks. Most of the time he looks at what other people do. He listens to their music, reads their poems and watches their films. Then somebody asks him for going up the stage. He is on the stage but he avoids looking at people. A hypnotic melody is sounding while everybody is waiting for him. Then: This is the End, my only friend, the End, beautiful friend, the End…
And the crazy flight starts. They only were fifty weeks. This was time enough for making a legend.

Amy Winehouse_2

From Life Magazine Web: Amy Winehouse healthier days

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Beach of Love, Anglet

One sunny day on a beach in the Basque Coast thanks to the hospitality of a couple of friends who have invited us to visit their house.
Although I love the sea, I do not like beach... my skin is too white for the sun rays and in a few minutes I get sunburnt. It is the same how much solar protection cream I put on my skin is.
Besides, after a day on this sandy beach I know that I am going to have sand for days...  hidden within clothes, inside our car,... in my body (in spite of taking a lot of showers).
Our friends have a long ritual before lying on their towels. They use suntan cream, lotion and oil. They are really suntanned.
As I am not used to go sunbathing, my beach wear is old fashioned and it is in a bad condition. I appear to be a poor boy.
All the group decide to go to swimming in the sea but I prefer to read the book by Haruki Murakami which I am currently reading.

This small village, Anglet, is in the North side of the Basque Country. It is between Biarritz (Miarritz in Basque language) and Bayonne (Baiona in Basque language).
From my town, Pamplona (Iruña in Basque language) there are only an hour and twenty minutes by car.
This is a beautiful and quiet place. I guess in winter time it might be too quiet.