Wednesday, 27 October 2010

I am at war with me

"If I commit suicide you will be the first who will know", he said
"Unbearable sadness", she replied

Saturday, 23 October 2010

A little girl plays music on the street (Antwerp)

Who are you little girl? Who have you come here with? 
Who bought this sax for you? Who taught you how to play music? Who will spend the money that people give you?

Who will judge this sin?
I'd rather give you a kiss than some coins. They won't be able to use my kiss for their dirty business.
Little girl, I need you to promise me that when you are a woman you are still innocent and pure. Before continuing my walk I need to know that your music will always be so beautiful like your little face.
Bye, bye, little girl.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Some pictures of Antwerp

You only have to pay 7.4 euro for a weekend round trip ticket from Brussels to Antwerp by train.It is said that the train station of Antwerp is one of the more beautiful ones… I agree.


Do you like shopping? Here is the saturday market.

This is not a seaside town, so it does not have a beach. However, people have the Schelde river and they like resting reading or looking at the river flows.

As you visit Antwerp you must try the beer called 'Bolleke Koninck' and a really good place for drinking this local beer is Paters Vaetje

Have you ever been in this amazing town? Did you like it?

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Concept of Completion and Completion Error

"The basic point- which can also be illustrated by considering the phenomenon of the blind spot- is that with any incomplete perception- and needless to say all perceptions are incomplete- the observer "fills in" by extrapolating from experience. Or from desire. Or from desire's other face, aversion. So basically, we focus fuzzy images by transforming them into what we expect to see, or what we most dread to see. By what, in other words, already exists in our mind, what we already have available on file, however dusty the folder."
from Atmospheric Disturbances by Rivka Galchen

Monday, 11 October 2010

Are the Belgian people crazy?

What can we say about these people who dress a little statue with strange clothes and dance around it while this statue urinates over people who look at this crazy parade?