Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Is another world possible?

The president Chavez has accused the capitalism of the planet destruction.

On the other side the last edition of the hour of the planet has been today. The centre of this event has been Copenhagen (because nowadays the summit of the climate is taken place there. For one hour lights keep off. The point is the energy waste is killing our planet.

Both the president Chavez and the environmental event show the same thought. The problem that we are faced is not related to the moment but systemic. It is our way to manage the planet resources (our consumer-based economy) what causes the Earth destruction.

In my opinion turning off the light for an hour is not enough. It is just a goodwill gesture. What we have to do is to rethink our system. The president Chavez is also part of this system and his power is built on the world economic game based on oil.

A shortcut in consumption would imply a drop in production. Then the unemployment would increase and an economic contraction. We can not cause this while we live in a world in which you need of working to live.

But what would it happen if we give up behaviours such as: greed, ostentation, envy, etc. Unless we change our minds we never start to use the technology to make the life of every human being easier.

Unless the current way to understand the life is changed, we will not be able to avoid the planet destruction.

What would it happen if every human being were free food, housing, clothes, education and health cares. What if every man and woman were part of the society and had its relations

Are we allowed to live this way or someone would start a great war.

If then, are we free or are hostages of dangerous terrorists.

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