Saturday, 27 March 2010

For the Organizer: Congratulations on your new health system.

 After reading your book “Dreams From My Father”, I get an idea of the way you think. Thanks to that amazing reading, I have been able to understand all your speech and your huge smile. Yes, you have been able.
As you signed the new law I imagined the satisfaction of your father and your grandfather and the rest of the Luo people in Kenya. I imagined that your hand was the wrinkled hand of an old worker from the South of Chicago. I am sure that all the little children who go at state schools in Jakarta, as you went some years ago, were in the room. It is easy for me to imagine the happiness of the homeless whom I saw asking for money for you in San Francisco in 2008.
I guess everybody around the world can see that the dream of your mother got into real.
But you must continue. There is too much work for being done but… Yes, we can.

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