Sunday, 28 November 2010

Should Banks Been Forbidden?

What would it happen if there were not any bank?
Would it be the end of the civilization?
or... the beginning of an era of peace and freedom?


  1. The problem is perhaps not the banks as such, but some of today's bankers? Banks should be there to collect and offer money to enable development, not to be a market for speculation and bonuses to traders and directors.

  2. Yes, Peter. I agree with you. When this crises started in 2008 it appeared that governments were going to change the financial system but... It is clear that the greedy speculators have to be blamed, but it is the ordinary people (and the poorest of the world) who are paying for this. And the point is if it is possible another way to manage our money, another kind of banks.
    Thanks for your comment (and for you amazing blog)