Tuesday, 4 January 2011

How bad have the leaks been for the States?

The fact that a lot of government’s secrets are spread along the world it cannot seemingly be good for that government. Nobody likes his secrets to be published.
But… Have you read some of those cables? If so your first impression might be that the dark American power has been unmasked. However after a deeper reading, your feeling can be that the diplomacy of the U.S.A. is behind of almost all the decisions and all the governments in the world.Then we should wonder if this fact shows weakness or strength.
I am not the only person who takes this view. You can read the worldview of Fareed Zakaria in the American magazine ‘Time’ (December 13, 2010).
According with this journalist, the WikiLeaks documents show Washington pursuing privately pretty much the policies it has articulated publicly.
Moreover reading these cables we can see that the foreign policy is concerned with broader regional security instead of American interests.
The cables also show an American diplomatic establishment that is pretty good at analysis.
Data published by WikiLeaks confirm the American arguments in some key issues such as the Iran’s programs.
As a proof of this point of view you should know that Fareed Zakaria and I are not the only people who think this way. The Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claims that the documents were actually leaked by Washington.

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