Saturday, 20 October 2012

Very beautiful video, music by Sigur Rós

The Sigur Rós Mystery Film Experiment - Valtari from gonçalo soares on Vimeo.

Runner-Up in the Valtari Mystery Film Experiment. Our deepest thanks to all those who voted for this video.

"A big production number of sweeping ambition. beautifully executed and shot." -- Sigur Rós

At the feast of the unknown each face will be shown.
In a closed environment where so many characters have to interact in such a small amount of time there are different realms of thought and action all connected by the same flow. None of these realms is necessarily more real than the other, and none is supposed to be taken heavily.
This is an exercise on emotional and referential continuity above all else. It's about the small connections that can take one somewhere else whether it is real or not.

Directed by Gonçalo Soares
Produced by Susana António
Played by Alina Bilokon, Ana Água, Eduardo Frazão, Miguel Raposo, Maria Leite, Tiago Mansilha, João Robalo
Photographed by Claudio Buonfino
Art Direction by Sara Coimbra Loureiro
Edited by Ana Costa and Gonçalo Soares

Assistant director on set
Isabel Taunay

Assistant director (pre-production)
Mariana Castro

Production assistants
Ana da Vasa
Catarina Lee
Maria Leite

1st Camera assistant
Rogério Hortêncio

2nd Camera assistant
Ana da Vasa

Art and wardrobe assistant
Pedro Marum

Ana da Vasa

our special thanks to

Armando da Vasa
Maria Conceição da Vasa
João Abreu
Maria Cândida Abreu
José Raposo
Nuno Neves
Mariana Gaivão
Miguel Décio
Filipe La Féria
Carlos Moreira
Pedro Caldeirão
Tiago Vieira
Adriana Aboim
João Aboim
João Figueiras

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