Sunday, 24 August 2014

Can I help you to avoid the rain?

I am in the Rwandan National Museum, in Huye (Butare). I am walking around the gardens. Suddenly it starts to rain. A girl, a young one, maybe she is sixteen, comes to me and asks me something in French. I say, 'sorry, I don't speak French. Then she says in English ' Can I help you to avoid the rain?'.
I say 'yes' and she brings me a small house, a kind of storehouse. We sit beside each other. We have a casual conversation. She has finished the school, las year, but she cannot afford a university degree. She earns 25,000 Rwandan francs per months working at the museum. One year at the university are one million. I think to myself, around 1,100€. 
Most time we feel silent. The rain is harder. Suddenly I decide to go. I say 'maybe I try to reach the reception hall. Thanks.' She smiles. 
As I walk under the rain I wonder... maybe, this is what I am looking for, who I am looking for. Just somebody who helps me to avoid the rain.

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