Friday, 15 January 2010

Environment: Is there anything really new?


When I was a child there was not plastic bags for buying food. Buyers had their own bag made of cloth and they were used for years. This way our impact on the environment was far less than nowadays. Not allow to use plastic bags is not a new idea though it is a good decision.


In the past, people were given money if they returned a glass bottle to the shop instead of putting it in a rubbish cup. This way people recycled the bottles. This is another example of a ‘new’ decision that is not new.

Why the food is not sold loose?

Do you want to save money and energy and help the planet? Then you should not buy two apples wrapped in plastic on a polypropylene tray. You muts ask for two of them and put them in your cloth bag.

What I mean is that recycling was already invented, at least since the 70’s.

When I visited the United States in 2007 summer I only saw New York. Surprisingly, an amount of rubbish even larger than in Europe was generated. To be honest I would bet that in Europe this levels of rubbish can be reached soon if we do not anything.

If our grandmothers knew the way we buy food… They would think that we are crazy or that we are spoiled new rich people.

Our only hope is the current tendency to be worried about our planet.

When a person knows and can’t make the others understand, what does he do?

When the more powerful dignataries in the world meet in a big summit like the Copenhagen's one. People hope they act. This is the reason why we, the world citizens, are now desperate. The big meeting is finished and no goal has been scheduled.

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