Sunday, 3 January 2010

The New Year Eve in Madrid (Spain)

People gather in ‘La puerta del sol´ square. People wear strange hats. They do not mind how old they are. Before entering the square there are police checkpoints in which the police officers watch what people try to introduce into the square. Glass bottles are not allowed.

When only a minute is left for the New Year begin, bells are tolled. Their sound is piercing and they are some quick hits. These are just a warning. Thanks to it people are ready. Then a more low sound of bell is heard and it is followed by other hits. They are slowly tolled. People eat a grape after hearing each bell. They sound twelve times, one for every year month. It is thought that if you eat those grapes this way you will have a good luck during the New Year.

After this Spanish custom, everybody appears to be very happy and they smile and drink for hours. Most of them drink in pubs that are far more expensive than they were only four hours before.

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