Friday, 10 September 2010

9910 Theory of Love

Having breakfast. Close to the “Puerta del Sol” in Madrid. As you can see in the attached photo it is a really delicious breakfast. Yogurt and forest fruits (I do not know if this expression makes sense in English).
On holiday, yes, the life is easy.
The background music is jazz and softly enter our minds… There is a lonely girl reading. She would be a character of my current reading (The Great Gatsby).
Three noisy Spanish people speak louder than the rest but the general sensation is good.
Behind me, in the other side of the window, the Sun. Although it is 10:08, this town appears to be awaked just now.
Scott Fitzgerald is really good. I found him some years ago when I read “Tender is the Night”. Last December I read an interesting book on his wife Zelda and him. Since then I love this couple.
Another point for Fitzgerald: one of my favourite current writers, Haruki Murakami, likes him. In fact, Murakami has translated “The Great Gatsby” into Japanese.
I love the way he describes people, not only their bodies but their behaviours and thoughts too. The way he is able to paint people with words. 
 This is a love story. I think this is one of the two best books on love I have ever read. The other one is “62 Modelo para armar” by the Argentinean writer Julio Cortázar.
(I have just known a lucid moment and it is clear for me the fact that I should leave all and try to live. Maybe I am a poet… or something.)
(Excuse me boss, don’t worry, next Tuesday I am going to be working again.)

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