Saturday, 25 December 2010

Eguberri On- Merry Christmas

Peace is coming to the Basque Country. Next year has to be the beginning of a new age.
The Basque people still maintain their dolmens and cromlechs as remembrances of our history but we have to look forward.
Old fights must be forgotten and weapons must be silenced.
Children wait for us to be able to build a better future.
We are going to need everybody to help us not only Basque people but also the rest of the world citizens.
Give peace a chance.

Eguberri On (Merry Christmas) and Urte Berri On (Happy New Year) Maddalena, Peter, Angeline, Nevin, Odia, Brizmus, Maggie, Anne Marie, … and everybody.
Thanks for reading my posts and comments.
Thanks for having so amazing blogs and for letting me share your experiences and feelings.

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  1. Thank you, Aitor and a Happy New Year to you! :-)