Sunday, 19 December 2010

Lisbeth Salander Blues- Millennium, trilogy

Some years ago, I gave up reading detective stories, especially if they were bestsellers. So I should have not started to read the trilogy called Millennium written by Stieg Larsson.
There was a huge media campaign on these books which, of course, it influenced on my decision of reading them. Moreover, I read a review on this novel written by the recent Nobel Prize Mario Vargas Llosa. For him, this is a good book and his reasons encouraged me to read the book.
Besides, I was given the first two tomes as a present and I felt obliged to read them (or, at least, to try to read them). So I started and… I can not continue after the page 40,… It appeared to be too boring, too much foreseeable. So I surrendered.
However, one day I talked with a friend who was keen on Millennium and she talked me that the first pages were the worst and that if I continued reading, I would enjoy the book. She is a good friend and I trust on her so I gave the book another chance.
She was right. The story caught me and I have not been able to stop reading until I have finished the third part.

Although it is true that there are too much stereotypes in the plot, there are also some original ideas. I especially like the main character, Lisbeth Salander, a little and dark woman who is asocial, punk, bisexual, violent if necessary and incredibly strong. She is a little woman who is in war against the world. She appears no to need anybody because she knows how to take care of herself. She does not want to be helped.
And the first question which an intelligent reader must be made is what is the reason why Lisbeth is this way.
Do you want to know what is the reason? If so, you have to read it.

(And, please, tell me your comments)



  1. Well, now I have to read these books and promise to do start doing it just after New Year's Eve! :-)

  2. Well, I LOVE the two movies that I have seen so far. The third hasn't come out in NZ yet. I bought the first book before I saw the movies & I kinda liked it but then gave up because it had too much description which always bores me. I have every intention of trying again though... one day..

  3. I don't usually read bestsellers either but have read the first two of this trilogy, they are very fun reads and I didn't get any work done until I finished them. I tried watching both of the first movies (after having read the books) and neither made much sense and not nearly enough character development.